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TALKBACK Season 2 Episode 4 is now available to download! This new season explores the idea of ACCESS, and the fourth episode investigates access at any age.

Age is just a number, right? Maybe not when it comes to theatre. In the arts, where labels and stereotyping are part of business as usual, fighting assumptions based on age is an ongoing challenge. Playwright Sarah Tuft (co-founder of Honor Roll) and actor Caroline Aaron ("Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," Edward Scissorhands) speak with host Christine Toy Johnson, sharing personal stories that reveal how age has impacted the way they approach their careers as well as the arts industry at large.

This episode was produced by Sarah Storm, Amy VonMacek and Christine Toy Johnson and mixed by Robare Pruyn, with theme music composed by Andrea Daly. Special thanks to Tina Fallon, Tari Stratton, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at the Dramatists Guild.

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