From The Dramatists of America

The Dramatists Guild of America wholeheartedly supports the Writers Guild in its strike to preserve the livelihoods of its 11,000+ members who are facing dire economic circumstances due to changes in their industry. In doing so, we reaffirm and celebrate the right of WGA writers and all workers to negotiate for equitable pay and better working conditions.

Unlike screenwriters, however, theatre writers don’t share the same essential right to collectively bargain and so often have to rely on their movie and TV work to pay their bills and obtain health insurance. We hope that the parties can find an equitable way forward with all due speed.

The Dramatists Guild will subsidize the dues of members who require such accommodations, including those impacted by the strike, for its duration.

From The Dramatists Guild Foundation

To dramatists who are WGA members facing economic hardship during the strike, please reach out to the Dramatists Guild Foundation (dgf.org), a national non-profit within our writing community, which has an Emergency Grant Program that provides immediate financial support to theatre writers facing exigencies in connection with housing costs, medical expenses, family and child care, and other life essentials. 


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