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End of Play, March 2020

The Dramatists Guild of America announces a new program designed to engage playwrights across the country by working with them to create a brand-new play, or revise an old one. In March 2020, the Guild will celebrate End of Play. month. In the spirit of National Novel Writing Month, writers who participate in the month’s End of Play. initiative will set a goal for themselves at the beginning of March, and will then post weekly updates to their community regarding their progress. Goals may include writing a new full-length play or musical, or writing two one-act plays/musicals, or completing a second draft of any of the above. At the end of March, participants may be invited to a local party in their region to celebrate writing. Ultimately, the goal of End of Play. is to get writers to the finish line through motivation, community, and a party.

Who Can Participate in End of Play.?
This initiative is open to all writers, regardless of experience level or Guild membership. All you need to do in order to participate is to follow the steps laid out below.


  1. Register by filling out the participation form below;
  2. Announce your End of Play. goals to the world, and gather support from your community, by posting on social media using #EndofPlay;
  3. Start writing! Write at least a little bit every day during the month of March;
  4. Post weekly updates every Friday on social media, using #EndofPlay, so you can share your progress with your online theatrical community;
  5. Attend optional writer meet-ups in your area, in order to connect with other participating End of Play writers. (To find out when and where these events will take place, please consult with your local organizer. All participants are also welcome to propose, assist, or host meet-ups and check-ins);
  6. Finish your play by March 31, 2020;
  7. Celebrate with a culminating party in your region. All participants are encouraged to check with their local organizers for information on any potential showcase opportunities that might be available after End of Play. month, such as public readings, DG Footlights™ series, and script-swaps with other dramatists.

In early April 2020, the Dramatists Guild will send out a list of resources to End of Play. participants with information regarding where they might be able to submit their newly written play, or how to work towards accomplishing future revisions and drafts.

The Guild intends for End of Play. to be a community-building experience that challenges participants to get writing, get together, and reframe what can truly be possible when you set your mind to something. There is no failure to End of Play., there is only the creation of new work and new possibilities.

To express your interest in participating in the initiative, as a writer or as an organizer, please click the red button below.

For questions, please email Lily Dwoskin at or Jordan Stovall at

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