The Dramatist November/December 2020

The November/December issue of The Dramatist magazine is now available to access online, and hard copies are currently being shipped to DG members  as well. 

The theme of this issue is Craft & Career. According to The Dramatist Editor Joey Stocks, "since so many of us are still at home, we thought we’d shift the conversation back to some basics of writing. Initially, we conceived this issue to be solely about craft. In the course of editing transcripts, however, I noticed that career was inextricably woven into every conversation in a way, perhaps, that our previous craft-based articles weren’t."

The current issue features three roundtables that explore new themes for the magazine: “Native and Indigenous Structure and Dramaturgy,” “Poets & Playwrights,” and “On Stage Directions.” 

"The three roundtables here are all firsts for The Dramatist and all worth your attention," wrote Stocks in his editor's note. "The careful reader can find knowledge and inspiration in all of them."

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The Dramatist is the only national publication devoted to the business and craft of writing for theatre.

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