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Copyright Awareness Week 2022

Join DG Copyright Management’s Deborah Murad and chief archivist and head of the NYC branch of Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Lauren Miller Walsh, for a conversation on how to best preserve and benefit from your life’s work.

Friday, April 29

Atlantic Time: 3pm
Eastern Time: 2pm
Central Time: 1pm
Mountain Time: 12pm
Pacific Time: 11am

You're well aware that you should register and protect the copyrights for your plays, songs, and musicals... but what about the drafts, letters, and papers that you generate while creating those works? 

During this free workshop, presented by the DG©M, you'll learn about archive curation and valuation, discover how to find the best home for your archive, familiarize yourself with how the sale of archives works, get to know the tax implications for archives, and more.

This event, which is open to the public, is not to be missed for any dramatist who is thinking of donating or selling their archive!

If you have a specific question for Ms. Walsh, please email

DG Copyright Management (DG©M) is an estate planning consultancy and intellectual property management organization.  The DG©M was created to oversee the stewardship of plays, songs, and musicals that are bequeathed to the Dramatists Guild or its related organizations.

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