DG TALKBACK Season 3: Collaborating on Culturally Specific Shows
Oct 21, 2021
Talkback Artwork

The Dramatists Guild Presents: TALKBACK Season 3 Episode 1 is now available to download! This season explores the idea of COLLABORATION, and the first episode investigates collaborating on culturally specific shows.

In this episode, host Christine Toy Johnson is joined by Bhangin It book writer Rehana Lew Mirza, dramaturg Natasha Sinha, and cultural consultant Rohi Mirza Pandya for a conversation on what it’s like to develop a culturally specific show at a primarily white institution. Bhangin It is a new musical that utilizes the tradition Indian dance of bhangra to tell the story of a young girl trying to find her way in American and Indian culture. Through their depiction of the show's developmental journey at La Jolla Playhouse, the guests from Bhangin It's creative team discuss the role of a dramaturg on a new musical, the importance of hiring a cultural consultant, and more.

This episode was produced by Sarah Storm, Amy VonMacek and Christine Toy Johnson and mixed by Robare Pruyn, with theme music composed by Andrea Daly. Special thanks to Emmanuel Wilson, Tari Stratton, Sarah Rebell, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at the Dramatists Guild.



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