DG and NCAC Protest the Cancellation of Carroll High School's Production of Marian: The True  Tale of Robin Hood  by Adam Szymkowicz

The Dramatists Guild would like to acknowledge our gratitude towards all of the incredible understudies, standbys, swings, and subs who stepped up to the plate this season. 

From actors who were flown in from national tours across the country to musicians who made their debuts without any rehearsal to playwrights who went onstage with script in hand to stagehands, dressers, and stage managers who ran backstage to help out at a moment's notice, this community has shown a remarkable commitment to saying the words, playing the notes, and telling the stories that our dramatists have written. 

Thank you for helping to keep our members' creative visions alive. Thank you for helping to keep our industry afloat. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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