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Join the Dramatists Guild this fall for three professional development workshops on Channeling Your Dreams, The Art of Taking Meetings, and Writing the Short-Form Play! These one-day, online workshops are for theatre writers at all levels of their careers.
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Channeling Your Dreams

Instructor: Steve Harper
Class Date: Saturday, October 7
Price: $50
Maximum Students: 50

ADT: 2pm-8pm
EDT/AST: 1pm-7pm
CDT: 12pm-6pm
MDT: 11am-5pm
PDT/MST: 10am-4pm
AKDT: 9am-3pm
HST: 7am-1pm

Learn to channel your dreams and use them to fuel your writing career! In this one-day workshop, led by award-winning dramatist Steve Harper, you’ll learn to mine your subconscious, establish characters and a compelling circumstance, and create an on-ramp to a new original piece. With the steps identified, you’ll practice creating a launching pad from something you’ve been percolating on or something new that you can’t get out of your brain and heart.


Networking: The Art of Taking Meetings

Instructor: Steve Harper
Class Date: Saturday, November 18
Cost: $50
Maximum Students: 50

AST: 3:30pm-9:30pm
EST: 2:30pm-8:30pm
CST: 1:30pm-7:30pm
MST: 12:30pm-6:30pm
PST: 11:30am-5:30pm
AKST: 10:30am-4:30pm
HST: 9:30am-3:30pm


Learning how to advocate for yourself and how to be prepared in any situation is vital to your growth as a dramatist. This one-day workshop, led by award-winning dramatist Steve Harper, breaks down the process of preparing, showing up, and following up. With practical actions and simple exercises, you’ll come to understand what’s expected before, during, and after a meeting. At the core of every professional meeting in your writing career is a conversation about who you are and what you’re on the planet to create. Rather than being intimidated by the magnitude of that discussion, this workshop will prepare you to put your best foot forward.

Writing the Short-Form Play

Instructor: Arianna Rose
Class Date: Saturday, December 9
Cost: $50
Maximum Students: 50

AST: 1pm-7pm
EST: 12pm-6pm
CST: 11am-5pm
MST: 10am-4pm
PST: 9am-3pm
ASDT: 8am-2pm
HST: 7am-1pm


More and more theatres are adding festivals featuring one-minute, five-minute and ten-minute plays to their seasons.  Join instructor Arianna Rose for a one-day workshop that will combine lecture, a panel discussion with well-known ten-minute playwrights Marj O'Neill-Butler, Mark Harvey Levine, and John Mabey, writing prompts, and sharing of work in a lively, fast-paced forum. By the end of the workshop, you will feel more empowered to write and submit your short-form plays and also have the language necessary to give and receive useful feedback.


Writing Workshop for Teens

Instructor: Crystal Skillman
Class Date: Nov 12, 19, Dec 3, 10, 17, Jan 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18
Workshop Duration: 12 Weeks
Cost: $75
Maximum Students: 15

AST: 5pm-6:30pm
EST: 4pm-5:30pm
CST: 3pm-4:30pm
MST: 2pm-3:30pm
PST: 1pm-2:30pm
AKST: 12pm-1:30pm
HST: 11am-12:30pm


Do you know any teens who have discovered a love for playwriting and would like to further develop their skills? Led by award-winning playwright Crystal Skillman, you will meet weekly to read, share, and discuss dramatic writing.  Using techniques from TV, podcasting, comic book, and musical theatre writing, you'll be led through several creative methods of writing and exposed to several mediums that stem from the dramatic arts to see what works for you. Open and empathetic sharing of feedback will also be explored. You'll also be expected to share and contribute in class and make time to write between sessions. Whether you've written a monologue for yourself, a ten-minute play for a competition, or a full-length play just for fun, this workshop will help you find what works and what work you can do to make your work even better. 

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