End of Play Craft Workshop

It's almost time for End of Play.® 2023. We're excited to announce several FREE writing workshops to motivate our End of Play.® participants! 

End of Play.® 2023 National Kick Off

Friday, March 31

ADT: 8pm
EDT/AST: 7pm
CDT: 6pm
MDT: 5pm
PDT/MST: 4pm
AKDT: 3pm
HST: 1pm

Join the Dramatists Guild for a nationwide Kick Off event to celebrate our fourth annual End of Play.® National Playwriting and Composing Month! 

We'll give you a chance to check in, share your writing goals, and meet others on the call. Then, we'll launch into writing to get your creativity flowing. You'll be guided through a series of five-minute rapid writing prompts designed by a group of inspiring writers. After making it through the series of prompts, we'll get ready to officially begin our End of Play writing challenge for this year's National Playwriting and Composing Month.

Participants all around the globe are invited to take part in this free event, designed to fuel inspiration and help you get ready to write.


End of Play.® 2023 DGI Craft Workshop: The Subconscious First Draft

Tuesday, April 4  

ADT: 7pm
EDT/AST: 6pm
CDT: 5pm
MDT: 4pm
PDT/MST: 3pm
AKDT: 2pm
HST: 12pm

Learn how to write with both rigor and abandon!

In this workshop, you'll discover how bucking the traditional form can unlock your imagination. Through writing exercises led by C. Julian Jiménez, you start to embrace the messiness of a first draft as something to cherish, instead of something to discard.

This workshop is sponsored by the Dramatists Guild Institute.


End of Play.® 2023 DGI Craft Workshop: Ready, Submit, Go!

Friday, April 14 

ADT: 2pm
​​​​​​​EDT/AST: 1pm
CDT: 12pm
MDT: 11am
PDT/MST: 10am
AKDT: 9amm
HST: 7am

You’re writing fast and furiously, and you feel great because you can see the finish line.  What’s next after you type “End of Play?”  Are you ready to submit your work? And where?  How do you know if your play is ready to go out into the world? 

In this complimentary workshop, Lucy Wang will share some tips and insights to help you tackle the next rewrite and prepare your scripts for submission.  For example, we’ll look at the fundamentals -- your character arcs, stakes, action statements, themes.  You’ll write log lines and synopses, and you’ll share why you wrote this play.  In addition, we’ll discuss resources and artist residencies that are available for your career advancement.

This workshop is sponsored by the Dramatists Guild Institute.



End of Play.® is an annual initiative, created by the Dramatists Guild, to incentivize the completion of new plays, scores, or songs throughout the month of April. Since the launch of End of Play.® back in 2020, hundreds of participants from all over the world have connected with one another, uniting to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of creating new theatrical work.

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