Applications Open Now Through March 25!

A new initiative by Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) is offering 18 months of a guaranteed monthly income of $1,000 for artists in need, including playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists.

Apply to the Guaranteed Income for Artists Program

The organization is also providing 300 eligible artists (including dramatists) with two years of employment as part of their Artists Employment Program. Participants will work in collaboration with local community organizations and will receive $65,000 a year, along with benefits and time set aside for them to focus on their creative pursuits.

Apply to the Artist Employment Program

All New York State based artists who are currently experiencing financial need are eligible and invited to apply to these CRNY programs.

According to their website, Creatives Rebuild New York is "committed to confronting racial and wealth inequities and to developing effective strategies that move the New York State arts and culture ecosystem toward an equitable future." 
CRNY is supported by grants from the Mellon and Ford Foundations, among others.

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