Tina Fallon
Photo by Howard Sherman

The Dramatists Guild of America announces upcoming changes to its staff and Council. Tina Fallon has decided to step aside from her role as Executive Director for Creative Affairs, inspired by the Guild’s ongoing efforts to address systemic inequalities in the field, in order to encourage the industry to embrace dynamic, innovative new leadership. 

Fallon states, "Since my start at the Dramatists Guild in 2016, the focus of Creative Affairs has been equity and inclusion in our community. To that end we have expanded our regional programs, diversified our staff and Council, and enacted anti-bias training and practice. The next step in this process is to create opportunities for executive leadership at the Guild. Mine is one of the great jobs in the American theatre, and I am excited to know that the Guild now has an opportunity to select a new visionary leader to move the organization and the industry forward.”  To learn more about Fallon's philosophy on why it is time to step aside, we encourage you to read her recent article for American Theatre.

Guild president Doug Wright commented, "Tina Fallon has not only done an exemplary job overseeing the Guild's Creative Affairs; she has also been a profound moral voice for instituting the kind of changes that will truly bring us into the 21st century, as we continue to strive for diversity and inclusivity at all levels of the institution.  We will miss her keen intelligence, her formidable skill, and her inspiring nature." 

Selection of a new Executive Director for Creative Affairs will be the first order of business for the new Council officers when they are elected in March 2021. Until that time, Managing Director Emmanuel Wilson will continue to shepherd the Guild's creative initiatives and Ralph Sevush continues on in his capacity as Executive Director of Business Affairs & General Counsel.

The Dramatists Guild of America is the national, professional membership trade association of theatre writers including playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists. The Guild was established for the purpose of aiding dramatists in protecting both the artistic and economic integrity of their work. 

For more information, contact Sarah Rebell at the Dramatists Guild of America at (212) 398-9366 x20, or at srebell@dramatistsguild.com.

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