Register now for our virtual spring classes and secure your spot in these transformative workshops led by award-winning instructors. Join us for an exhilarating season of theatrical exploration and artistic empowerment! Our spring classes, starting March 11, offer a diverse range of opportunities for both seasoned playwrights and aspiring writers alike.

Explore the power of female voices in musical theater, master the art of crafting compelling one-person shows, or dive into the nuances of narrative structure. Elevate your teaching skills, discover the thrill of short-form storytelling, and ignite your creativity in a vibrant community of storytellers. Don't miss this chance to shape your artistic destiny and take center stage in your creative journey. Enroll today and let your imagination soar!

  1. Architecture of Musicals: The Power of the Female Voice with Cheryl Coons Unleash the potential of your musical storytelling! Dive into the rich tapestry of female-led musicals with Cheryl Coons in our 10-week course. Gain practical insights from iconic works like Hadestown and Wicked, empowering bookwriters, lyricists, and composers to create captivating musical theater experiences. Join us and discover the transformative power of the female voice in musical theater!

  2. Theatre Reading Club: Plays and Musicals by Award-Winning Women with Andrea Lepcio Embark on a literary journey celebrating the trailblazing women of theater! Andrea Lepcio guides you through the works of acclaimed playwrights like Migdalia Cruz and Tina Howe in our Theatre Reading Club. Explore their captivating narratives, from timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces. Join us in honoring these literary luminaries and delving into the heart of their groundbreaking creations!

  3. The Artist as CEO: Entrepreneur Training for Theatre Writers with Tari Stratton Elevate your craft and career with The Artist as CEO! Join Tari Stratton for an immersive 12-week journey into the business and creative realms of theater writing. From refining your play to navigating contracts and copyright, empower yourself with the essential tools for success. Take charge of your artistic journey and transform your passion into a thriving career with confidence!

  4. Structure is Not a Dirty Word with Emma Goldman-Sherman Unlock the secrets of storytelling with Structure is Not a Dirty Word! Award-winning playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman guides you through a transformative journey of narrative discovery. Explore the power of structure to breathe life into your stories and captivate audiences. Join us and unleash your creative potential in this dynamic workshop!

  5. Upending Expectations: Utilizing the Reversal in Playwriting with Victor Lesniewski Master the art of narrative intrigue with Upending Expectations! Playwright Victor Lesniewski invites you to explore the transformative power of reversals in storytelling. Delve into the nuances of comedy and drama as you craft dynamic narratives that defy expectations. Join us and revolutionize your approach to playwriting with the element of surprise!

  6. Courting the Muse: Writing Workshop with Lucy Wang Embrace the call of creativity with Courting the Muse! Join Lucy Wang on a captivating journey of inspiration and exploration. From character sketches to thematic musings, unlock the limitless potential of your imagination. Join us and embark on a transformative odyssey of storytelling and self-discovery!

  7. The Art of Teaching Playwriting: Empowering Instructors for Student Success with Andrew Black Empower the next generation of playwrights with The Art of Teaching Playwriting! Join Andrew Black for an interactive course designed to enhance your teaching toolkit. Discover innovative pedagogies and mentorship strategies to nurture budding playwrights. Join us and ignite the spark of creativity in your classroom!

  8. Crafting Libretto: The Art of Musical Theatre Bookwriting with Daniel Lazour and Patrick Lazour Elevate your musical storytelling with Crafting Libretto! Join Daniel Lazour and Patrick Lazour for a transformative workshop on the art of libretto writing. Explore the intricacies of show structures, character development, and song placement. Join us and unleash the full potential of your musical narrative!

  9. Singular Writing Sensation: Writing the One-Person Show with Lucy Wang Unleash your solo storytelling prowess with Singular Writing Sensation! Join Lucy Wang for a dynamic workshop on crafting compelling one-person shows. From intimate narratives to bold monologues, discover the art of captivating solo performance. Join us and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and creativity!

  10. Writing Plays for Non-Theatre Writers with Pandora Scooter Open the door to dramatic possibility with Writing Plays for Non-Theatre Writers! Join Pandora Scooter for an immersive exploration of playwriting fundamentals. Whether you're a journalist, novelist, or essayist, discover the thrill of theatrical storytelling. Join us and unleash your creative potential in the world of theater!

  11. Writing the Ten-Minute Play with Arianna Rose Master the art of short-form storytelling with Writing the Ten-Minute Play! Join Arianna Rose for a dynamic course on crafting captivating short plays. Explore the elements of successful storytelling and refine your craft through in-class feedback and discussion. Join us and embark on a thrilling journey into the world of short-form theater!

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