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Over the last year, DG Copyright Management heard from several Guild members asking us to expand our resources on theatrical archives.

In response, we have built and continue to build relationships with key archiving institutions across America. We also held a variety of conversations ranging from what makes an archive to organizing and storing papers to how to negotiate the sale of an archive. [All of these talks are free to you on our YouTube page.] On occasion, we have even been able to connect dramatists with top archiving institutions! But we would like to do more!

We are looking to the community to help us further our resources for the dramatist. We would be immensely grateful if you could spare two minutes and answer a few survey questions! It will undoubtedly make a difference and be an incredible gesture of support.

Thank you,
Deborah Murad, Executive Director
DG Copyright Management, Inc. 

DG Copyright Management (“DG©M”) is an organization dedicated to Estate Planning & Copyright Management. We were created by the Dramatists Guild of America, Inc., to help dramatists with their legacy and estate planning.

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