Business Affairs

Friday, September 11 at 4pm EDT

Dramatists Guild Executive Director of Business Affairs, Ralph Sevush, will take part in a mock negotiation with DG lawyer David Faux, Esq. As Ralph and Dave work their way through the details of a Broadway production contract, they’ll provide viewers with behind-the-scene insights into what the Dramatists Guild looks for in a good contract.


About the Business Affairs Department at the Dramatists Guild

The staff lawyers in Business Affairs can review unsigned contracts and advise on a wide range of matters, including options, commissions, royalties, copyright, collaboration, trademark, rights of privacy, rights of publicity, defamation, so-called “life-story rights,” and agents. They can also provide guidance, and follow up on complaints regarding theatres, producers, publishers, agents, attorneys, festivals, and contests.

Business Affairs offers constructive comments to government and business leaders regarding how to balance institutional tradition in the face of necessary innovation. Toward this end, the lawyers at the Dramatists Guild track U.S. and worldwide theatrical business trends, advise members on immediate business concerns, and draft statements reflecting the Council’s position on issues of national import.

For more information on the Dramatists Guild's Business Affairs Services, please visit or call 212-398-9366

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