Aug 28, 2020
8-28-20 Newsletter: Copyright Advocacy, Broadway Webinar, Live Stream 101

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September is "Copyright Advocacy Month": Copyright is Not a Passive Act

Throughout the month of September, DG will share tips on what exactly copyright means, how it benefits theatrical writers, and what you can do to protect your copyright. We’ll be posting this information on our social media channels, sending it out via email, and publishing it on our website.

Our Business Affairs department will also host special Copyright Advocacy Month webinars, including a return visit from Catherine Rowland of the U.S. Copyright Office on Friday, September 25 at 2pm EDT. Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate in Copyright Advocacy Month this September. Because copyright is not a passive act. Look out for our Week One email on Tuesday, September 1.

Copyright Advocacy Month is held in partnership with DG Copyright Management (DGCM)


ASK BA Webinar: Broadway and the First Class Contract on Friday, September 11 at 4pm EDT

Dramatists Guild Executive Director of Business Affairs Ralph Sevush will take part in a mock negotiation with DG lawyer David Faux, Esq. As Ralph and Dave work their way through the details of a Broadway production contract, they’ll provide viewers with behind-the-scene insights into what the Dramatists Guild looks for in a good contract.



Live Stream Contracts 101

Don’t let COVID-19 become yet another reason used in the battle against the idea of paying you for your work.

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New DGI Course! Punching Up: The Tools of Satire

Our top priority at the DGI is to provide our students with an educational experience that is engaging and empowering, especially during these difficult times. We care about your safety; to that end, all of our courses are currently offered online via Zoom. And we are pleased to offer a variety of new courses this semester, many of which respond to the current moment. One such course is Punching Up: The Tools of Satire, taught by Joanie Drago.

"People talk a lot about laughter as a form of healing. And don't get me wrong, comedy saved my life. But I'm much more interested in the ways in which the perfect joke can subvert the status quo, topple hierarchies, and deliberately place power back in the hands of the oppressed. The world is full of bullies right now, just waiting to be made fun of. Meet me on the playground?"



August 28
NYC ONLINE: Write Now!

NYC ONLINE: Friday Night Footlights® feat. The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, adapted by Caroline Hewitt

September 5
feat. High Ground by Greg Congleton

September 9
OREGON ONLINE:  DG Footlights™ feat. Shakespeare's Start (Or Where There's A Will, There's A Way) by Rich Rubin

September 10
NEW ENGLAND EAST ONLINE: Meet and Greet with Courtney Sale

September 11
ASK BA: Broadway & the First Class Contract

NYC ONLINE: Friday Night Footlights® feat. FUKT  by Emma Goldman Sherman

September 14
NEW ENGLAND WEST ONLINE: Virtual Writing Group

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New Articles on The Dramatist Blog (As of 8/27/2020)

Prepping for November by Jenna Chrisphonte

Philadelphia 2019/20 Season in Review by Marjorie Bicknell

Washington DC 2019/20 Season In Review by Randy Baker

North Carolina 2019/20 Season In Review by Jacqueline E. Lawton, Erica McGee, Triza Cox

Florida 2019/20 Season In Review by Marj O'Neill-Butler

Atlanta 2019/20 Season In Review by Pamela Turner

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DGF Emergency Grants

For over 50 years, DGF has administered Emergency Grants that provide financial aid to writers in serious need. They are available to playwrights, composers, lyricists, and bookwriters at all stages of their careers.

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Share Your Live Stream Productions!

We are rebuilding this newsletter feature to better promote member productions. To view a list of upcoming live streams, please use the button below. Members are now able to submit their live stream readings and productions to our new Productions webpage.

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September 01: ASF Translation Awards
September 01: Ohio Arts Council
September 02: Green-Wood Residency
September 10: The Sappho Project
September 15: Hodder Fellowship
September 15: Nancy Dean Lesbian Playwright Award
September 15: National One-Act Playwriting Competition
September 15: Theatrefolk One-Act Middle School Play Call
September 15: IN CHARACTER - The Monologue Plays
September 18: Princeton Arts Fellowship
September 20: EarthQuake
September 25: The Dorothy & Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars & Writers
September 25: Theater Viscera
September 30: City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting Contest
September 30: Eight 10s in Tuscon Ten-Minute Play Festival

October 01: Camargo Core Program Residency
October 01: EdTA - International Thespian Festival for Young Dramatists
October 01: Musical Theatre Writers Lab
October 09: The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center Residency
October 10: Playwrights First
October 15: ShowOff! Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival
October 31: Stanley Drama Award
October 31: Valley Theater Company
October 31: Virtual Fall 2020 Play Festival

Please be advised that the inclusion or omission of a listing does not constitute approval or disapproval of that organization by the Guild, its Council, officers, employees, agents, or affiliates. Guild members are individually responsible for their submissions, and should fully evaluate an opportunity before submitting their work. Please email, if you need assistance evaluating a particular opportunity.

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