Dramatists Guild Elections

Voting is currently open for the 2021 Dramatists Guild Council Election.  This is YOUR chance to select the next members of the Dramatists Guild Council, the governing body of the Guild.

All eligible DG Members are encouraged to participate in the election. Only those at the Member level, including Lifetime or Student or those at the Estate level, can participate to vote. Associates are not eligible to vote without upgrading their membership.  

Each candidate has crafted a biography and a personal statement for your review and selection. Please read their entries, and vote for the Council Members you want to see representing your Guild. Be aware that voting will close on Monday, February 22 at 3pm EST.

Vote now, and make your voice heard!

Once you click the above button, there will be instructions on how to cast your ballot for the Council Election. To ensure security, you will be required to enter your member number. You are only allowed to vote once in the General Election, and once in your Regional Election. If you voted by using a paper ballot, please note that you are not eligible to vote online.

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