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New York City by Winter Miller

Photo of Winter Miller
Winter Miller, playwright and DG Representative for New York City

New York City by Winter Miller

Hello New York Ciiiiiiittttttyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Sorry if I just woke your baby or your inner child, I had a belch of enthusiasm. 

As your first-ever NYC Regional Rep (Donna Hoke is our upstate NY Regional Rep), I’m looking forward to establishing a greater sense of community. While we have the greatest concentration of playwrights per square foot, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to connect in person for a giant game of duck, duck, goose. Or a pants-on, dance-on marathon. Or a book clu–just kidding. Or not–if that’s what you want. 

As you probably noticed, we playwrights don’t have a union! But we sure as hell have a Guild and I’ve been elected to represent you and advocate for you, as well as create opportunities where you can be heard. And also let you know about benefits we’re eligible for at places like the Actors Fund. Or who to call if you’re about to be tossed out of your apartment and need emergency funding. 

I’m going to hit the ground walking! In the next few months, you can expect a Guild Night at an exciting production where members can get a group discount and gaze at each other adoringly in the lobby prior, an open meeting/town hall to gather and hear about your concerns, questions and priorities. I will be participating in meetings to figure out ways the DG can be a more direct resource for members; there are a lot of great topics and issues for our region to explore, such as lower cost healthcare, equity and parity, methods of physical and emotional safety, care and resources in our larger theater community and ways forward, the benefits of Medicaid, how to get paid when you’ve been commissioned and quit your job on an optimistic whim, cheaper ways to see more theater, mentor and mentee opportunities, questions about representation in art and best practices for writing in unfamiliar territory, opportunities to share resources of space, DIY producing, community engagement, and a host of other subjects that will come to light. 

I do want to know what matters to you and what you’d like from your rep. If it’s snacks, we can do that, easy! This is a really good time to be building movements, to be resisting, and to be invested in our pen/swords. If there’s a workshop you want to see offered, drop me a note. If you’re an obi wan at something and you want to offer a workshop, reach out. This is a whole new position, so I’ll be figuring it out on the job and/or making it up. 

If you want to see something, say something. Email me.

I don’t know if we need an NYC Facebook page, but I know that if we get one, we’ll need a few responsible page managers to look after it. If that’s you, great!

I’m excited to get to know each and every one of you, your astrological sign, shoe size, favorite breakfast food, and what kind of plant you’d be if you were an animal. I’m just as excited to not know those things about you and just meet you. I’m prepared to be the most approachable rep NYC has ever had in its long, very long history. As they say at the bottom of the ocean floor, the sea level’s the limit!