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Video One - Log-in

This video provides simple instructions for logging into the Members Only section of the website.


Video Two - Privacy Settings

Step-by-step instructions on how to make public various bits of personal and agent contact infromation.


Video Three - Edit Member Profile (part 1) - Bio & Pic

This video explains how to upload and update your profile image as well as a brief bio.


Video Four - Edit Member Profile (part 2) - Member Works

Step-by-step instructions on adding a listing for every work you've written for the the theatre, including space for synopses and links to external websites.


Video Five - Edit Member Profile (part 3) - Add Media

In addition to simple listings of Member works, synopses and links, Members may upload PDFs of full scripts and/or sample pages and mp3s of songs and/or song samples to make available to visitors to the Guild's website. Learn how here.


Video Six - Member Posts

This video explores the Members Only bulletin boards. Learn how to post and properly tag your posts for optimal exposure.


Video Seven - Search Member Posts

This video explores how to search the Members Only bulletin boards.


Video Eight - Member Search

This video provides detailed instructions on the two means by which any visitor to the Guild's website can locate members -- by name and location or by a specific show.


Video Nine - Resource Directory Home Page

 This video provides an overview of The Dramatists Guild's Resource Directory Online. 


Video Ten - Resource Directory Search

 Learn how to narrow your search by deadline, region, genre, special interest, fee or no fee, and key terms. 


Video Eleven - Resource Directory Red Buttons

 Discover how to use the red buttons at the top of Resource Directory pages to navigate, collect, and share submission opportunities.


VideoTwelve - Resource Directory Submit Listing

Submitting to The Dramatists Guild Resource Directory has never been easier. In this video you will see how to submit a new listing and update a current listing.