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When you login, you will be taken to the Member Resource Center, a one-stop shop of all your member needs in one location.

In the upper right hand corner of the page, your name, member level, member number and expiration date will be visible to you. There will you also find a link to set up your DG Profile named EDIT DG MEMBER ACCOUNT. Here you can build your DG Profile and correct information in your membership file.



After you click  EDIT DG MEMBER ACCOUNT, you’ll be brought to the following screen as shown below. At the top right of the screen you will see three tabs in blue:

  • PROFILE, which shows you your public facing DG Profile (For those at the Member, Student Member and Estate Member level).
  • CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, where you may change your password.
  • EDIT DG MEMBER ACCOUNT, which will return you to the DG Member Account home screen as shown below.




Also on the home screen of your member account are six red tabs. Contact Information, Address, Materials, Bio, Social Networks, and Agent.

You will see information already populated in many of the data fields in your account. You cannot delete the information in any data field, you can only update it. Your information is private unless otherwise noted with the word “PUBLIC”.Also, note we have many data fields listed in your DG Member Account that may not pertain to you personally. If the question does not apply to you, ignore it.

Use Contact Information to update your membership information e.g. your first name, date of birth and how you wish your name be listed on your member card.

Use Address, to update the address you wish to receive mail from The Dramatists Guild.

Should you wish to advance your membership level or we make a supporting materials request, use the Materials tab to securely upload additional supporting materials.

Use Bio to build your DG Profile.

The “About Me” is what will show under the headshot on your profile. This may include a bio, notable works you’ve written, or any other information you’d like.

The “Highlights” section will appear in the center section of your profile. Here, you can include what awards you’ve won or whatever else you consider being a career highlight. This is where you add any hyperlinks to your work.

Use Social Networks to add your website and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, YouTube or New Play Exchange. You will see little squares underneath your headshot. If you fill in a website, the square will have a globe icon. For Twitter, you’ll see a bird, et cetera.

Use Agent to share your representation information with the Guild.

Each section will let you know if the information you’re providing is private or public—confidential things like your address are private, and things like “Social Media” and “About Me” are public.