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The Dramatists Guild of America was founded in 1912 by a group of writers with a simple mission: to protect and promote the interests of the men and women who write for the stage. The Guild has about 7,000 members nationwide and is the only professional association which advances the interests of playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists, from beginning writers to the most prominent authors represented on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in regional theaters.

Some benefits of membership include professional advice, contract review, dispute resolution, professional development, networking, artistic growth, in-person and online community, protection of your rights as an author, publications, and special savings.

Count yourself among the thousands of dramatists who are made stronger every day by their commitment to one another.

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  1. a copy of a review or a program from a production of my work before a paying audience. -or-
  2. a copy of a published script by a legitimate widely recognized publisher.
If you are a student, please attach a letter from your department advisor
  1. a copy of a script -or-
  2. a program from a reading or workshop of my work.
If you are a student, please attach a letter from your department advisor
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