Youlim Nam


Youlim (Korean: 유림) is an NYC-based playwright and actor. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea.

  • a grantee of New York City Corps Artist 2021
    1. showcased her full-length play as a staged reading A Connected Place at Gene Frankel Theatre and the Clemente (directed by Sophia Treanor)
  • a recipient of Ma-Yi Theater Company Micro-Grants 2021
  • her short play podcast No Pressure, it's just a short play podcast
  • her produced short plays in New York City
    1. Last Birthday, Axial Theatre (CACTUS FLOWERS: A reading of four short plays in development) 2022
    2. Just a Yellow Cab in New York City, Equity Library Theater of New York (Virtual & In-person at The Fifth Avenue Theatre) 2022
    3. Get Out of My Head!!!, Equity Library Theater of New York (Virtual Theater) 2021
    4. Just a B'day Dinner in New York City, the Secret Theater, T.E.A.M Theater 2020
    5. Acting Is My Destiny, New York Summer Theater Festival 2019
    6. A Watch, New York Summer Theater Festival 2018 & the Secret Theater 2019
    7. Prophet, HB Playwright Theater 2018
    8. 28+2 Manhattan Rep Theater & the Secret Theater 2018