B. Peter Hughes

Playwright Lyricist Librettist

The Irish Plays:

The Keening, The Slaughterhouse, The Sin Eater (R), The Trinity Recruit

The Banshee's Children (R)

Waking Finnegan *

Playboy, after Synge *

The Comedies:

Novelty Play, See Dick (PR), The Blind Venetian *, The Madness of Meryl Streep *, Chekov with Fart Noises *, Bringing Bette Back *

The Moor or Less of it,  a tragedie of goodly humour

Ghost of a Chance (PR)

Ghost of a Chance the Musical with puppets (PR)

The Dramas:

The Moon Rises on Wednesday, Frankenstein (PR), Dorian Gray (PR), Death in Venice (PR)

* in progress

(PR) produced

(R) reading