William Linthicum-Blackhorse

Composer Librettist

Linthicum-Blackhorse (b.1989) [lɪns'-kəʊm blæk'-hɔrs] has been actively commissioned, writing music for ensembles and performers across the globe. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Western Music Theory, performed as a Guest Artist for numerous ensembles, and spearheaded efforts to expand the extended technique repertoire for many instruments. His works include a wide array of themes stemming from his cultural, environmental, and spiritual influences. He is currently a freelance composer living in the United States of America.

Dr. Blackhorse began composing on his own at the age of 12. His music studies began in the piano studio of Mary Ann LaCour in Katy, TX at the age of 14. He attended Cinco Ranch HS in Katy, TX and studied choir, musical theatre, and dance. In 2005 he was awarded the Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America. He graduated with honors in 2007 and began attending Baylor University to study Aerospace Science. In 2013 he began attending McLennan College in Waco, TX to earn prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree in music, however in 2014 he was accepted into a Master of Music program for composition at Texas Tech University. He completed his master’s degree in 2016 and his Doctor of Musical Arts in 2019 concluding with his capstone musical drama The Raven, performed jointly by Moonlight Musicals Co. and TTU Opera.

DMA Dissertation Paper & CV

Anthology of Adaptations, Analysis and Discussion of an Original Composition, Musical Drama, and 21st Century Music Topics regarding Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”




Wíyukcanthánka na Wóolowankága

Dr. Blackhorse is an American Indian Pipe-carrier in the traditional spirituality of the Lakhóta Sioux of South Dakota, United States of America. He has a Doctorate degree in Musical Arts from Texas Tech University and actively advocates for the LGBT+ community he is a part of.

As a Lakhóta Pipe-carrier, he has spent years participating in ceremony and spiritual education with a desire to provide factual and honest information to the public. In 2021, the Medicinal Opportunities of the Sioux American Indian Culture initiative, or M.O.S.A.I.C., was launched as a platform that consolidates the research and knowledge of traditional spirituality. Dr. Blackhorse learned from prominent chiefs and medicine men, wichása-wákhan, like Albert White Hat Sr., Sichángu Lakhóta, among other spiritual leaders.

“Everything in Lakhóta Spirituality is based in reality.” -A. White Hat Sr.




陸黑馬 (生于1989年),活跃于为世界各地的乐团和表演者创作音乐。他曾在大学担任西方音乐理论的兼职教授,并作为客座艺术家,与众多乐团合作演出。除此之外,他一直致力于拓展乐器的延伸技术曲目。他的音乐作品包含了许多来自他自己文化、环境和信仰的主题。他目前是居住在美国的作曲家。

黑馬博士 从12 岁开始自学作曲。14 岁时他在德克萨斯州凯蒂的 Mary Ann LaCour 钢琴工作室开始正式学习音乐。他在德克萨斯州凯蒂的 Cinco Ranch高中学习,同时也参加合唱、音乐戏剧和舞蹈等课程。 2005年,他被美国童子军授予鹰童军奖。他于 2007 年以优异的成绩从高中毕业,并进入贝勒大学学习航空航天科学。 2013 年,他开始就读德克萨斯州韦科的麦克伦南学院,以获得音乐学士学位的先决条件。在 2014 年,他被德克萨斯理工大学录取为作曲专业硕士研究生,并于 2016 年获得了硕士学位。紧接着在 2019 年,他完成了音乐艺术博士学位(DMA),毕业作品音乐戏剧《乌鸦》(The Raven), 被月光音乐剧集团和德州理工大学歌剧系合作演出,并得到各界广泛的好评。