Starina Johnson


STARINA JOHNSON is a multidisciplinary theatre artist (performer/playwright/producer/director) who's recent projects include AD/Co-Producing the revival of Justin Tanner's Heartbreak Help and playing Carol in Pinata, directed by Stan Zimmerman. Starina also wrote, directed, and produced the web series “Crazy Bitch” (which was picked up by ComeDiva), her play Border Towns won SLAM Boston's Diverse Voices in Theatre competition, and she can be seen in films by award-winning directors Matthew Riddlehoover (“To a Tee”, “West Hollywood Motel”, “More Scenes from a Gay Marriage”), Jeff Wedding (“A Measure of the Sin”), Steve Balderson (“Stuck!”, “Casserole Club”, “Watch Out”, “Culture Shock”), and Elizabeth Spear (“Roundball”). For more information go to: