Spencer J. Vigil

Composer Playwright Lyricist

Spencer Joshua Vigil is a Trans POC playwright from Seattle Washington. Their work primarily focuses on highlighting underrepresented communities through the lens of contemporary theatre. He strives to uplift and come along side of those whose stories aren’t often told through a theatrical lens. Originally from California, Vigil’s upbringing is often a source of inspiration in many of his works.


My name is Spencer J. Vigil, I am a Transgender person of color who is enthralled and impassioned with writing for Theatre. Originally from Southern California, I have been working professionally since the age of six as an actor. My passion grew when I was able to appreciate what goes into making theatre successful behind the scenes. I moved to Seattle for undergraduate after my mother passed from cancer, where I decided to take a short break from theatre and focus on my writing career.

I graduated in 2019, after transitioning from female to male, with my BA in English with a concentration in Poetry. As a published poet I took time to dive back into theatre in the Seattle area where I began writing one acts for company’s focusing on new works and upholding their company’s equity standards to Black and Brown creators. When I was writing for the stage I felt at home. Like everything was coming full circle. I fell in love with theatre again.

I truly, and most sincerely, believe I can change the landscape of new works in Musical Theatre, I just need help getting there, as everyone does. I am in love with writing contemporary true-to-life shows that bring underrepresented communities together on stage. I am excited at opportunities to deconstruct the whiteness within the Musical Theatre canon and carving a space for myself within this industry in a healthy and holistic way that includes and educates others.

My commitment to theatre has not waivered and I am truly passionate about writing for theatre for the rest of my life and doing whatever I can to show that financial stability should not be a barrier to access of resources and tools that can help further my understanding and passions leading to change in industry standards and the way people view contemporary theatre and writers of various intersectionality’s.

Jonathan Larson was the first time I was able to see myself onstage and is a huge inspiration with everything I write. I strive to create work as open and free as his. Just as he changed the landscape of Musical Theatre, I believe I have the dedication, talent, and love for the craft to create a similar lane for myself within the canon.