Sheila Cowley


Sheila Cowley is a playwright and audio producer based in St. Petersburg FL.

Her plays embrace many artforms, creating theatre that celebrates voice, movement, sound and visual art. It's theatre that asks big questions - about gender roles and family, and tiny daily acts of heroism. With choreographer Paula Kramer, she leads the Sparks Collaborative Ensemble.

Her plays range from Flying, about what happens after women fly military planes in WWII, to The Burlesque Astronomy Play, exploring femininity with dance, abstract art and onstage science experiments. Her work has been produced around the U.S and in London, South Korea, Sydney and Dubai.

She's currently collaborating with actors, dancers and visual artists on works involving science, gender, gravity and border walls.

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance named her the city's Literary Muse 2018.

Dramatists Guild, Chicago Dramatists Network, New Play Exchange.


While voice is what drew me to theatre, I’m increasingly inspired by the ways that stories can be told without words, and often should be told without words. I thrive on collaborative energy.  It’s through the sparks created by exploring ideas with actors, directors, dancers, designers, musicians and visual artists, that I find the paths into each play I write. My plays focus on gender pressures, gender role reversals and the ever-changing parts we play as families shift due to marriage, death and divorce. And if I can explore all that with dance and circus, all the better.