Shannon Denise Evans

Composer Librettist Playwright Lyricist

Shannon Denise Evans’s ( creative career spans a number of disciplines: artist, vocalist, songwriter/composer, playwright and novelist. At her core, however, she is simply, formidably—a storyteller.

Weaving a narrative throughout all of her artistic disciplines, Shannon’s gift for storytelling is the thread that runs through everything she does. Writing, in all its forms, is an alchemy medium for Shannon…and the magic is in creating work that is authentic and pure.

Whether motivational, metaphysical, psychological thriller or surrealistic fantasy, Shannon’s writing has her blood running through it, exploring consciousness and reality, grief and loss, and fearlessly delving into the existential. Of particular interest are the themes surrounding light, darkness and the space in-between, where we come face-to-face with an arcane and unrelenting force: our own mind.


Shannon's most notable plays include Psychoma, Subsistence, The Oz Factor, Hollowlight, and Velvet Moon Chronicles. Shannon is also the co-composer and lyricist for the spectra rock band, Savarre (  In 2020, the original play, Velvet Moon Chronicles: The Leveling, was released as Volume I in a planned four-book series based on the play (