Seshat Yon'shea


Seshat Yon’shea Walker is a writer, multi-disciplinary creative, and founder of The aSHE Fund as well as The aSHE XCHNGE.Seshat's written work has been featured in Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds (2009), Growing Up Girl: An Anthology of Voices from Marginalized Spaces(2006) The Hoot & Holler of the Owls (2003), and her self-published chapbook Locale (2000). She is the executive producer and co-writer of the production Black Gurl (2002). She is the writer of the play Will She Love Me When I’m 64? (2007)She was the creative director of AD/TRA VERSE, a multimedia performance and exploration of the African diaspora through the lens and soundscapes of Matthew From Amsterdam.She is currently writing many stories in many different ways. Seshat recently participated in the 2021 Kennedy Center Playwrighting Intensive.