Ruben Carbajal


Ruben Carbajal writes for stage, screens, and beyond.

His published theatre works include the 1980's high-school comedy THE GIFTED PROGRAM; the minimalist love story PORTLAND; and the one-act anthology HOLD & OTHER SHORT PLAYS. You can also find his plays and monologues in several collections, including THE COVID MONOLOGUES, FIVE MINUTE PLAYS, WE JUST CLICKED, OUTSTANDING MEN'S MONOLOGUES VOLUME 2 and ONE MINUTE PLAYS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE THEATRE.

For screens, he recently developed a live-action sci-fi anthology pilot for Nickelodeon, been the head writer for Awesomeness TV's TOP FIVE LIVE, and many of the Fuse Network's top-rated music specials.

The beyond includes traveling the globe as a live entertainment writer for the NBA to writing speeches for everyone from celebrities to CEOs.

  • 2019 Marion Thauer Brown Audio Scriptwriting Award
  • Play, 'Moment Before Impact' Selection 'Best of Gi60 Festival'