Robert J. LeBlanc


ROBERT J LEBLANC is a member of the Dramatist Guild and has been performing and writing for various media since the 90s. He is an award-winning playwright, actor, voice actor, and artist, as well as the producer, head writer, host, improviser, and designer of the comedy ensemble, Balderdash Academy, and many of their catalog of shows. He is the lead writer, director, producer, and creator of the live comedy radio show, On the Air!, writer and producer of the Sleuths Mystery Radio podcast, and owner of the interactive mystery-comedy company Sleuths Mystery Entertainment. He writes in several genres and formats including stage and audio drama. In all of his writing, he writes with a focus on comedy and the use of comedy in drama. His work has been produced across the country.

Artistic Statement
I write to show that stories matter. I believe that comedy is the key to drama. I write to show that there is light in the darkness even if you have to make it yourself. I write to show that the weird is beautiful. I write for the collaboration of the theatre–to be a part of the whole–to see my creation through the lens of the experience of others. My work can only exist when translated through the vision of the director, the heart of the actors, and the experiences of the audience. I write to find the meaning of my work through their eyes.