Rhonda Shook


Playwright, screenwriter, dramaturg, director, essayist, educator.

Areas of specialization: Subversive Comedy, Commedia dell’Arte, Inclusion, Radio Performance.


Ph.D. in Communication with Playwriting Concentration

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Dissertation: Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Drag Queen: A Matrix for Subversive Comedy 


M.L.A. in Liberal Arts – English & Theatre

Arkansas Tech University


B.A. in English

University of the Ozarks


Full-Length Plays Murder's Disposal, To Know A Veil Thunderstruck in Possum Grape A Possum Grape Christmas LIVE! Meatball Millionaire One-Acts Stamoas Searching for Centigrade Sex, Santa, and Ugly Shoes John Berryman’s Birthday Plays for Young Audiences Hamlette: The Tragedy of a Vengeful Pig The Real Rapunzel Coteries Intervention Primp My Dragon Aesop’s Meadow   Adaptations The Lion and the Mouse in the Jungle The Tortoise and the Hare in the Jungle