R. Cary Bynum


R. Cary Bynum was born in Atlanta, GA.  He has a BFA from the University of Georgia and MA from the City University of New York.  After spending many years in New York, he and his wife -- Actor-Director-Teacher Brenda Bynum -- returned to their native city and reside there today.  They have two wonderful sons.


R. Cary Bynum is the author of eighteen produced plays, performed in a number of venues, including such cities as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and other American cities.

He is also the author of the following published books:  Cabbagetown: 3 Women (Oral history play, adaptation, Foxfire Press, 1984); Six Short Plays (St. Johann Press, 1993);  The Chinaberry Tree & Other Poems (St. Johann Press, 2002); Sea Vigil: Poems (St. Johann Press, 2008); Reunion in Thera & Other Stories (St. Johann Press, 2012); Woodhall Stories (St. Johann Press, 2014);  Night Streetcars: City Poems and Beyond (St. Johann Press, 2016).