Randall Huskinson


Triple-Award Winner, 2022 Marsh Int'l Solo Festival for Out of the Mormon Closet.

Current projects:

  • Preparing for a spring 2023 San Diego industry read of my War Bride of Mormon County, moving toward full production Autumn 2023.
  • Second stage development and dramaturgy of my Covid-era familiy dramedy, The Variants.

I've had a lifetime of impossibly impossible scenarios—shall we start with my childhood as a gay Mormon potato farmer? Not all at once. Bit by bit, as it’s said. If you’re dying to know more about me, click here.

My current career as a playwright chases a long and storied career as a freelance journalist and copywriter. I've been a successful storyteller my whole life, and have long-planned for the time when I felt my life experiences were deep and rich enough to begin crafting work for the stage (after a lifetime of other theatre involvement: acting, directing, front of house, board membership) . Now is that time.

I write life as I hear it in my head, often tackling issues I sense society is percolating on. I’m curious. When I smell a story, I begin to chart it. If it’s more than a scene, I start digging and planting those magic beans that lead to the giants of surprise and sadness, delight and disgust. Once I give a character a name and a purpose, I’m often surprised at what they divulge to me, and I write it down. And curious modern plays are born.