Philip Margo

Composer Lyricist Playwright

This year is my 60th year in show business. ACT ONE 1942-1978


My career began in the summer of 1959 as a musician in the Catskill Mountains. Subsequently, I became a founding member of the vocal group “The Tokens” Although we are best known for our mega- classic number one multi-million selling recording of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” our first hit was a tune entitled “Tonight I Fell In Love.”


I am a member of the AFM, SAG-AFTRA, THE WRITERS GUILD, and THE DRAMATISTS GUILD. In the interim, I have earned a commercial pilot’s license with instrument and multi-engine ratings and status as a Kung Fu San Soo martial arts instructor. With due consideration given of all the above, my best things are my wife Abbie, our children Noah, Joshua and Neely, and grandchildren, in order of appearance of course: Ethan, Solomon, Jax, Jacob, Benjamin, Reese, Zoe and Gabriel


Abbie and I will celebrate our 53rd Anniversary this coming October.