I began writing comedy when I was in middle school. I acted in one of the plays and I looked at my script and (rather arrogantly) said, “Mrs. Fisher, I can write better than this”. She said, “Then go write a better play, Mr. Fenton”. Just one year later, my first play premiered at Conestoga Valley Middle School, directed by Suzanne Fisher. My specialty is comedic dialogue and I love working in fairy tale and fantasy-inspired stories. You can get a pretty good idea of what my overall style is if I were to say my work is like Disney animated films if they were written by Mitch Hurwitz (Creator, Arrested Development) or Mike Schur (Creator, The Good Place).


My growing body of work currently contains three stage plays and one screenplay.

Stage Plays:

Knights of the Square Table – 2014, Comedy, Heuer Publishing (Titled Good Knight and Goodbye in 2010 World Premiere)

The Thousand-Year Rose – 2016, Comedy/Fantasy, Heuer Publishing

See Amid the Winter Snow – 2018, Comedy/Holiday,


Filling In – 2017, Comedy/Fantasy, Dadley Productions Short Film/Television Pilot