Paul Kodiak


I’d prefer to let my plays speak for themselves but if you would like to know a little about me and also what influences me as a playwright then please keep reading.

I’m usually the last guy to leave the party. I’ve been alone in the water with a shark twice and still have all my fingers and toes. I was the lookout on an ice-breaker the night we smashed into an iceberg in the fog and punched a huge hole into the ship’s bow. It took me four years in the seminary to realize that God was somewhere else and since then every time I think I’ve found him he somehow slips away.  But I’m still looking for inspiration and I sometimes find it when I’m writing. My plays are never about me yet I find bits and pieces of me and people I’ve met in every play I write. The characters in my plays are never really strangers to me. As I write I simply get to know them better. Sometimes they make me laugh out loud and sometimes they bring me to tears because I know their pain. My past acting experience allows me to be a very loud writer as I tend to vocalize dialogue as I write. The truly wonderful, strange, and odd thing about having severe Attention Deficit Disorder and being a playwright is that writing causes me to hyperfocus on the story I am creating and nothing else around me seems to exist for sometimes as long as a 15 hour stretch. The closest all-consuming thing that I can compare it to is the Native American sweat lodges that I have participated in. For me, writing is a form of prayer. I don’t know how else to explain it. I write for myself but the audience is never far from my thoughts. I want to give them a theatrical experience that leads them to tears and often to laughter. But in all of my plays I want to give the audience something wonderful that they will remember long after they’ve left the theatre.