Patrick Burns

Playwright Composer Lyricist Librettist

I'm an actor, playwright, composer, and activist and my work has a huge focus on art with a social impact. I'm the creator of a musical called From Foster Care to Fabulous which I have performed off-Broadway and regionally in ten cities throughout the US. The show is designed to raise awareness of the foster care system and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations working to better the lives of foster youth.

I recently received a development grant to create my newest show, Life Sentence, which explores the effects prison has on American families. The show had a reading in Los Angeles last month and is being further developed. 
As an activist, I've headlined many benefits for social justice organizations in NYC, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and San Diego. Last year I was invited by the National Foster Youth Institute to the White House where I participated in several summits, workshops, and panel discussions to help educate our government leaders on the foster care system. 
As a writer, I've been featured on the Chronicle for Social Change, Stage Agent, and the Atlantic Online. 
As an actor, pianist, and conductor, I have worked off-Broadway, regionally and in national tours. 
Here are some links about me and my work: