Pam Munson Steadman

Librettist Playwright Lyricist

Pam has travelled extensively with her family, and has lived outside of London, England; and in Singapore; as well as in eight states. Having taught elementary school for a few years before starting her family, Pam soon caught the acting bug and graduated into an arts career as a performing artist for children...aka "Lady Amuck."   For fifteen years, she performed zany antics and told countless interactive tales to children and adults in NJ, Singapore, NC, GA, and VA. She's also conducted workshops for adults..."Becoming YOUR Story.

While living in downtown Savannah, Pam wrote and had published a trilogy of "Hannah Savannah" Books for Children", concerning a ten-year old with a mind of her own.   She's also written humorous prose, "The Lives of the Wits and Famous!" Through the Windmore Foundation for the Arts (VA), Pam founded the "Pen-to-Paper Writers."   She was a board member of 'Black Box' of Asbury Park (arts incubator), Windmore Foundation for the Arts, as well as a board member with "The Little Theatre" of New Milford, CT.

Pam collaborated with a member of 'The Blue Man Group,'  David Anania, penning her  lyrics with David's music and arrangement: "Bobbing for Apples in a Tub of Moonshine."  Travis R. Steadman created the title of the song. "In Asbury Park"  is Pam's latest song...encouraged by her creative partner, Susan McCarthy.  It is now awaiting a musician or band to put a melody to it.  If interested, please contact Pam.

Below are Pam’s list of plays:

WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL… a full length drama concerning estranged family members reuniting.

WHOLLY GHOSTS is a full length farce concerning a playwright's dilemma. 'Produced (2013) by The Grange Playhouse (NJ) to a full house.

HOME FRONT: BETWEEN THE LINES is a full length drama.   It was first produced at The Grange Playhouse in Howell, NJ in 2012 to a full house.  It was performed by Passion Players at The Traco Theater in Tom's River, NJ (2013)  It was also a finalist in the ICWP International Playwriting Competition, 2012 (Sweden)

KINGDOM a full length musical for children and adults. Music/Arrangement:  Ben Stiefel.    Lyrics:  Pam Munson Steadman.  Produced by The Grange Playhouse (2014, NJ) , StageWorks/Windmore Foundation for the Arts (2015,VA), and through FACT Theatre's 'The Youth Education on Stage One Minute Play Festival Summer Shorts' at the Old Armory (Williston, ND).  It will be presented March 23, 2019 by Pantochino Productions, Milford, CT.

GOING TO THE DOGS (10-minute play)  Produced Off Off Broadway  through John Chatterton, as well as a 'reading' through FACT Theatre (Manhattan) for a weekend collection of short quirky plays.  It was also presented by Reader's Theater in Florida.

EX MARKS THE SPOT (10-minute play) full of silly surprises and is now ONLY available through ArtAge Publications  It had been presented as a reading with F.A.C.T. Theatre in Manhattan (Winter, 2012), and with The Provincetown Fringe Theater of Asbury Park, NJ (Fall, 2011)

FLOUR POWER (10-minute play) is a spin-off of the tale about "The Little Red Hen." It was presented through The Provincetown Fringe Theater of Asbury Park (2012) and The Grange Playhouse (2013)

AUTUMN LEGATO (10-minute play)  An elderly homophobic encounters a young gay neighbor ...Produced and directed on February 22, 2016 in Manhattan by Blue Pearl Theatrics:

CUPID IS AS CUPID DOES (10-minute comedic play) recommended by Roger Hendricks Simon, Simon Studios, Manhattan/The Samuel French Playwright Competition, 2014.

AND STILL MY HEART HAS WINGS  Story by Pam Munson Steadman. Screenplay by Aimee Lamb.  WWII love story spanning several decades.  *This screenplay came in as a finalist through the Cinequest Screenplay Competition. A 5-minute monologue concerning transgender, OBITS and PIECES, has been presented as a reading in three states: NJ, NY, and PA.

WHO THE HELL IS COUSIN BOB? (10-minute rewrites) Based on a true story of an encounter with a famous actress/playwright, who perhaps would rather forget her family roots! THE HIT is a comedy (in progress)

BOARD HUSSIES  is a comedy for adults (in progress)

TICKET TO HEAVEN  Hog farmers are interviewed on radio explaining just why one must have a ticket to get into heaven.  (Presented as a radio broadcast by Shouting Theatre Company

IT’S ME, AUDREY  A precursor story to my play in progress, concerning my 4th cousin, “Miss Manhattan,” Audrey Munson.





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