Natalie Osborne

Playwright Lyricist

My name is Natalie Osborne, and for as long as I could remember, I've had dozens of stories running around in my mind at all times. I started turning those stories into plays when I was about fourteen, and have been hooked on playwriting ever since. For now, one of the main focuses in my work is creating heroic female characters and feminist queer friendly fairytales, because really, it is so hard to find a good story where girls get to slay the Dragon and rescue the Princess! Of course, this goal has lead to a million lines of inquiry, including, what does it really mean to be a heroine? The pieces in my portfolio are not conclusions, but rather explorations, works in progress which allow me to examine the thoughts that keep me up at night.


PRODUCTIONS: Story Gauntlet/Love Death and Wallpaper- Performed by Chimera Theatre Collective as part of Portfringe, winner of the Reyjkavik Award. Dragon Rider Visits Vermont- Performed by Otherworld Theatre Festival November , as part of the Paragon New Play Festival. K.C. Reporting- Performed by NOplays Theatre, as part of their HERSTORY Festival. Making Frankenstein- Performed by NOplays Theatre as part of their HERSTORY Festival. My Monster and Me- Performed by Theatre@First, as part of the Fractured Fairytales Festival. PUBLICATIONS: Anise's Story- Paperback and Audiobook available on Amazon. Anises's Story- Two monologues from the play are available at Performer's Stuff online. READINGS: Dragon Rider Visits Vermont- Reading by Casa de Beverly. My Monster and Me- Reading by Panglossian Productions, as part of their podcast series. My Monster and Me- Reading by Creaticity Art and Makers Festival. Making Frankenstein (full length)- Reading by Chimera Theatre Collective. Making Frankenstein (full length)- Living Room Staged Reading Series, 2017. Making Frankenstein (short)- Reading by 13th Street Repertory Theatre, as part of the In Her Name Festival. Making Frankenstein (short)- Reading by Hubbard Hall, as part of their Winter Carnival of new plays.