Molly Hardy

Playwright Lyricist

Molly’s years of experience as a writer of plays, books and short stories have given her the unique talent of being able to ‘read between the lines’ of people’s written and spoken communication.
Her heart centered writing workshops have proven to be successful with writers of all levels. Her plays have been produced around the country to theaters, schools, colleges, and conferences for diverse audiences, garnering positive reviews from critics and audience members alike.

Ms. Hardy’s critically acclaimed plays have been produced throughout the country.  Her plays are infused with humor and insight often tackling topical and controversial themes with an artistic point of view.
Ms. Hardy’s books and stories are often written from her own personal life experiences.  Readers are engaged from the first paragraph and entertained by her ability to write with an honest and objective point of view.
Molly is a member of the Dramatist Guild, Women in Theatre, Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, and ASCAP.


Molly Hardy has collaborated in writing monologues, plays and music with other artists as well as students, foster children, people suffering from AIDS, teenagers who have attempted suicide or dealt with depression.  She has created and conducted workshops where writers of all levels learn to create and share their story through plays, monologues and poetry.  She has been granted funding and support from various community organizations such as the Los Angeles Department of Family Services,  Foster Care and Probation Departments,  as well as high schools and colleges throughout the country.  The Marshall School of Business at USC, Harvey Milk High School in Manhattan, and the U.S. Air Force and Marines have supported her vision and workshops.   Her play "Encore" was performed two years in a row for the LA Unified School District's Conference for all Gay, Lesbian and Transgender youth at Occidental College, followed by a Q and A with the audience and actors.  She collaborated with Tony nominated Larry Blank on her musical, "Kitty Claws and the Magic of Dreaming," which has toured schools, theatres, and orphanages.