KM is a world famous artist. Her work is on exhibit in all the great capitals of the world. She has fame and fortune & is recognized wherever she travels. But KM is also a spy working for British Intelligence! Various American secret projects have been compromised and the FBI believes the leak is coming from somewhere in the British embassy in Washington!
The British government, at the request of the American President, agrees to investigate. They turn to one of their most trusted agents KM to go into the embassy to find out who the spy or spies are. It’s a dangerous mission for KM who will come into contact with Donald Harrington whom she met briefly in Paris at an affair for the Soviet ambassador.
Donald Harrington, graduate of Cambridge University, is suspected of being a spy for the Soviet Union & may have been responsible for the deaths of two British agents in Zurich two years prior. KM will be brought into the embassy under the guise that she has been commissioned to do a portrait of the British ambassador. This will give her access to the embassy & Donald Harrington.
Is Donald Harrington an agent for the Soviet Union? Find out what happens when KM finds out the truth and how she deals with an unexpected turn of events. For England…For Love is a thrill ride with the secrets of two countries at stake & a thrilling finish that will take you by surprise!

Writer: Michael Corriere

Currently a very prestigious theatre company in St. Petersburg, Russia is considering a future option on my play!

Currently: My article on the RUSSIAN THEATRE has been published by Scene4 and will appear in their May issue!