Michael Corriere

  1. My documentary film ALIEN CONNECTION was first screened at the Anthology Film Archives--Deren Theatre in New York City. My film has had many screenings.  at various colleges and universities.

Here is a link to the trailer: https://youtu.be/AxjsJiWjGFg

My "cold war" dramatic play FOR ENGLAND...FOR LOVE is an historical look at two secret agents that meet...fall in love...and eventually find out the truth about each other. Currently under consideration by several theatre companies! On August 12th, 2019 I submitted a complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland. This complaint concerns the death of Capt. William Davidson and Lt. Frank Brown on August 1st, 1947! I have asked that this case be heard "in absentia" since all the principles involved are deceased!  

I have a standing invitation to do research at: The Truman Library and the U.S. Library of Congress.