Michael Bihovsky

Playwright Composer Lyricist Librettist

Michael Bihovsky is a New York City-based musical theater composer, writer, performer, and director, actor, and "invisible disability"advocate. He has written three original musicals (all centered around physical and mental health themes), and is best known for the viral YouTube Les Mis food allergy parody “One Grain More,” which won the “Best of Faux: Audience Award” and “Best Short” in Portland’s Faux Film Festival. Michael’s semi-autobiographical musical, Fresh!, was presented off-Broadway as a finalist in the “Scene It: New York” competition, and is currently in preparation for an Actors’ Equity staged reading in NYC. Michael's original play, Without End, premiered as a staged reading in Buffalo in December 2014; the play is a semi-autobiographical story of a grandson and his grandparents, their differing relationships to Judaism in particular, and an attempt to bridge the divide between the worlds of science and spirituality.   Michael is also an accomplished actor: favorite acting roles include the title role in the children’s animation Megillas Lester (based on the Purim story), RENT (Mark Cohen), and Tick, Tick…Boom! (Jonathan Larson). Michael graduated magna cum laude from New York University, with a combined major in musical theater, astrophysics, and mythology (proving, once and for all, that students should not be trusted with designing their own majors). Michael is also a prominent health advocate, and a recurring contributor to the Stanford Medical Journal’s SCOPE project. For more, visit www.michaelbihovsky.com.


"One Grain More" (The Les Mis food allergy parody that will knock your hypoallergenic socks off!) FAUX FILM FESTIVAL 2014: Best Director + Audience Award FAUX FILM FESTIVAL 2015: Best of Faux Featured in Huffington Post and Village Voice (and hundreds of other publications) "Trapped Inside the House" FAUX FILM FESTIVAL 2020: Pandemic Edition: Best Musical Film Fresh! (formerly The New Musical) - A musical that blends the weirdness of college with the challenges of overcoming physical and emotional adversity SCENE IT! NEW YORK (two scenes selected as finalists and presented off-Broadway at Jerry Orbach Theater) Successful $10,000 Kickstarter campaign for upcoming staged reading in NYC Without End (a semi-autobiographical intergenerational play about the modern Jewish American experience, and the blending of science and spirituality) Table reading in Manhattan, February 2014 Featured as final event in 2014 JCC Arts Festival in Buffalo NY Staged reading in Buffalo, NY in December 2014 (Currently seeking full production! Visit www.michaelbihovsky.com/without-end to learn more and view highlight reel from staged reading)