Madge Kaplan


There are always stories behind the stories we get to tell. I learned this as a public radio correspondent and communications strategist for more than 30 years. As a reporter I was tasked with explaining why so many societal problems were hard to resolve. As a playwright, I continue to be drawn to life’s complexities, but now it’s the drama of it all that I hope compels the truth and our shared humanity. I’m often drawn to the roles we play within families, from childhood onward, for inspiration. My one-act play, The Last Appointment, was staged at the Vineyard Playhouse in 2011, & a monologue, Accident Report, was performed virtually by the Vineyard Playhouse in 2021. I’m a member of Playwrights’ Platform (Boston), & a regular student in Peter Littlefield’s Playwrights’ Workshop Online.