Leah R Barsanti


Leah Barsanti is a writer, dramaturge, and educator currently pursuing her MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage at Northwestern University. She is a female, a life-long athlete, an educator, and a truth-seeker. Currently she is interested in writing about mental health (Monster, Anxiety Play), representation of race and gender in the media (Olympic Mentality, Elephant), and the human attempt to define self ("If I Were You" and Other Elvis Presley Songs). Leah has worked with such distinguished organizations as Sideshow Theatre (Chicago), The Women's Theater Alliance (Chicago), Route 66 (Chicago), The Goodman Theatre (Chicago), City Theatre (Miami), Thinking Cap Theatre (Ft. Lauderdale), and The Playwright's Center (Minneapolis). She is currently a teaching artist with American Blues Theater in Chicago and has taught English and Theatre for the non-profit organization, Teach For America. She also plays roller derby for Chicago's Windy City Rollers under the alias Blink 1SK8E2. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.