Larissa Marten


Larissa Marten is a New York based writer and performer. Born in San Francisco to German parents (who transported her to New Jersey in her childhood) Larissa grew up bilingual, bi-coastal, and a staunch advocate for writing in the first person in artist statements. But we’ll continue the illusion that someone else wrote this for now.

She holds a BFA in Acting with minors in German and Performing Arts Management from the University of Michigan. At one point she was registered for four minors, because those freshman activity fairs are just all too enticing. Over the years, she has learned “control.” Therefore she became a vegan and a celibate (only half kidding).


New York writing credits include the NY premier of LOST. SHARED. TAKEN. at NY Summer Fest, and the NY premier of I KILLED THE COW at United Solo Festival. Both plays are solo shows that Larissa additionally performs in, about the female definition of self, based on the female evolution as sexual beings. She has worked on the production end for both shows as well, along with a larger team. To do so, she and her team have received half a dozen grants, and a whole new wardrobe of “business casual.”

She has worked at the Kennedy Center under the direction of Mark Bly, Gary Garrison and Gregg Henry, contributing to various workshops. In 2017, a play of hers titled SUPERBOY was workshopped there, and she worked as an assistant dramaturg at the NNPN MFA Playwrights’ Workshop there.

As an actress, Larissa has worked with the Michigan Shakespeare Festival, the Renaissance Theater in Berlin, Germany, and Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company during the Michigan stint of their tour of STRAIGHT WHITE MEN. 


Her plays have been workshopped, produced and awarded at/by the Kennedy Center, the Beckwith Theatre Company, and the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Her work has been published by Solos Literary Magazine.