Ko Tanaka


Ko Tanaka is a Japanese composer/conductor/Musical Theater Writer who was born in Saga, Japan. He has been writing and producing his music for more than 10 titles of theater works in Japan.  After a couple of years of composing for Japanese game company, he decided to become a musical theater composer/writer, he released and performed his first original musical “The Monster” in Nagoya, Japan. After he moved to the U.S. he studied Broadway-style composing and lyric writing with Michael Wartofsky, Bill Elliott (Tony Award Winner), conducting with Peter Cokkinias, Eric Stern (Grammy Award Winner). In 2019, he has been appointed as one of the conductors of Berklee Musical Theater Orchestra and performed his original musical tune “The Monster” at Berklee Performance Center(1,215 seat theater). After his performance, he received contact from one of the faculty member Julius P. Williams (President of the Conductors Guild, Residence Composer of Boston Symphony Orchestra) to be taught his private lesson. 

On Nov. 2019 he has been officially approved as a first-class member of Dramatists Guild of America.

He recently has been appointed composer for Off-Broadway Musical “Poupelle of Chimney Town” written by Japanese TV star Akihiro Nishino. The show will be taking place at Theater Row, in the middle of the Broadway district in NY.


HAL Event Week 2010 - Silver Award
HAL Event Week 2012 - Gold Award
HAL Festival 2013 - YAMAHA Award
Student Composers Competition 2012 - "Freedom" Honorable Mention
Student Composers Competition 2012 - "Noah's Ark" Honorable Mention
Esaki Glico Company Song Arrangement Competition - The Best Award
Berklee North America Scholarship - 2018-Present
Berklee Contemporary Writing and Production Spring 2019 Award
2012 TAIGEN TEIKOKU contemporary play "The Maids" Composer (All 17 songs)
2012 contemporary play "―peeping-tom―" Composer (5 songs)
2013 Art Festival "Aichi Triennale"  Composed A Ballet Suite《Canal Art》
2014 contemporary play   "―the contagion of the city―"   Composer (All 23 songs) / Actor
2015 contemporary play   "Ie-e (To Home)"   Composer (All 8 songs)
2016 contemporary play  "Ju-soku (Satisfied)"   Provided Songs
2016 contemporary play  "―door to a theater―"   Composer (All 5 songs)
2016 Musical  "The Monster"    Book / Music / Lyric / Stage Director / Actor
2018 TAIGEN TEIKOKU contemporary play  "Snow White" Composer (All 14 songs)
2019 TAIGEN TEIKOKU contemporary play  "Desir Caught by the Tail (by Pablo PICASSO)" (At Aichi Triennale)  Composer / Music Director (All 12 songs)
2019 TAIGEN TEIKOKU Musical Theater "Syoji no Kuni no Tinkerbell (by Hideki Noda)"  Composer / Music Director (6 songs)


2018 Berklee 48hours Musical Theater Festival  "Believe"  Co-Composer (All 3 songs with Marissa Carlin) / Music Director

2019 Berklee Musical Theater Orchestra "The Golden Age of Broadway" (Conducted "Man of La Mancha" and the original musical "The Monster")

2020 (Upcoming) Off-Broadway Musical "Poupelle of Chimney Town" (Main Composer)