Kevin Ray Johnson


Kevin Ray Johnson is a writer and actor that currently resides in Brooklyn. He is most known for his coming of age drama The Unpredictable Times which has been presented on Broadway at The Hudson Theatre, The Kennedy Center, The Dixon Place and Shetler Studios among others. His other works include: A (Funny) Imagination! which is a parody drama based on characters from the cartoon Doug; and his newest project Birdie & Tim. His shorter works include: The Next Day (The ten minute play that became The Unpredictable Times); A Week in the Life of Norah Andrews; and Life Inside an Open Kaije have been presented at The Davenport Theatre (Off-Broadway), New York Theater Festival, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, John Chatterton’s Short Play Lab, The Directors Studio, DC Fringe Festival, Pier One Theatre (AK), and The Timberlake Playhouse (IL).