R.K. Rich

Composer Librettist Lyricist Playwright

R.K. Rich (Ken) is the playwright behind the Off-Off-Broadway show, Suicidal Life Coach, directed by Joe Langworth.  Ken is currently developing several musicals and plays including Across a River, The Bravest Women, A Chorus Room, and Roman and Julie.  Ken is also writing his second book, The Art of Collaboration, which consists of interviews with several Broadway writers, directors, actors, and producers.


Addicted to learning, Ken hold three masters degrees and, as of May 2019, he will working on his fourth.  Unfortunately for Ken, all 12-step programs for this addiction are held on college campuses...Ken co-wrote the alma mater for the Harvard Graduate School of Education...which lasted all of one year.  What is a one-off alma mater??