Joe Swenson


It is hard to define Joe Swenson.  Father of five boys, husband, actor, director, author, screenplay writer, playwright, and all-round creative person.  His writing has been viewed all over the world.  He has written a few award winning plays, which include Scraps (on NPX), Right as Rain (on NPX), and Justin Thyme (being adapted to a full-length play/screenplay).  In addition, his short play, Eleven Days was featured in the PortFringe Theater Festival in 2019, and his slam poem hybrid was featured in the same festival in 2015.  Eleven Days is being adapted to a feature length movie.

Joe also finished an autobiographical full-length play based on his abduction in 1979 that lasted until 1986.  If you are on NPX you can find it here:



The Final Out - Semifinalist - 20th Annual Play Festival - Centre Stage Theatre - Greenville, NC

The Ammo Box - Semifinalist - MKA - Richland, Victoria, Australia

Justin Thyme - Winner 2019/2020 10 Minute Play of the Year - King of the Crows

Scraps - February 2019 Crowbait Theater Deathmatch Winner - Filmed and Edited by Broken Arts Entertainment Scraps - YouTube

Justin Thyme - January 2020 Crowbait Theater Deathmatch Winner

Right As Rain - June 2020 Podcast Produced by Charging Moose Media starring David Marantz and DC Anderson.  Right as Rain by Joe Swenson - Charging Moose Media

Screenplay - Quarantine 2038 Project - Quarantine 2038 Project - BROKEN ARTS ENTERTAINMENT

Web Series - Playground Rules (For Kids) - Playground Rules - BROKEN ARTS ENTERTAINMENT